speaker cables
Used to connect power (amps, receiver) to speakers. Carry both signal change and power so we must have sufficient conductors.
You should consider length and wattage as well as quality of components and specific termination needs (bare, tinned, spades, pins, bananas, etc.).




Level 1 Speaker Cables feature:
  • Abundant OFC & OFHC Conductors for low resistance
  • Advanced insulations for extended frequency range
  • Twisted (non-parallel) conductors for less noise
Review in Audio 03/2007 Musicable LS helps your speakers reproduce the delicate high frequency range with special OFHC (Oxygen Free High Conductivity) conductors and polypropylene insulation in a quad twist. IBW [internally bi-wireable cable]
Review in Audio 03/2007 Rhythm III helps your speakers reproduce the delicate high frequency range with improved OFHC (Oxygen Free High Conductivity) conductors and polypropylene insulation in a quad twist. Tight focus & detailed presentation. IBW [internally bi-wireable cable]
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Level 2 Speaker Cables feature:
  • Foam hybrid TPR insulation for full non resonant control
  • Coated and bare OFHC conductor in bi-wirable groupings
  • Helical arrays with non-conductive cores
  • Flexible non-marring jackets of soft durable polymer
Audio 11/2004 Winner Soundstage eclipses competing cables in this class with an eight conductor helix design that excels in midrange precision and focused highs; both positioned in a 3-D soundstage. IBW [internally bi-wireable cable]
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Pro 12 Special speaker cable has the smallest diameter relative to its audiophile, high performance design. Without the advanced fabric braid jacket and coated conductors, Pro Special features the same geometry and overall design of Encore II speaker cable. The result is a performance cable that excels in detail and solid bass foundation - all in a compact, affordable package.
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Pro 12 special
Melody LS: Our newest 12/4 speaker cable. Featuring Polypropylene insulation Melody will provide a powerful yet controlled performance at an economical price. IBW [internally bi-wireable cable]
Melody LS

Encore II elevates the performance of any speaker to a higher level with it's Sintered Foam PTFE and coated OFHC copper. Both positive and negative signals are resistance balanced, resulting in even propagation at all frequencies. Its musical presentation is resultingly deeper, with more defined placement.
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Encore II
Octave II features eight coated CCT copper conductor groupings for a significant advance in detail and precision. Far greater control of all cable properties is achieved through a costly process of coating each individual copper strand. The benefit is a level of sound quality and long term conductor purity that is otherwise impossible to achieve. IBW [internally bi-wireable cable]
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Octave II
Test in hifi-tunes Rhapsody S Advanced Helix design uses the same premium materials found in the Rhapsody S interconnect. Ideal for listeners who prefer smooth, extended highs with a warm, but never loose, bass foundation. Rendering of spatial details is accomplished with convincing weight and outstanding dynamic contrast. Rhapsody S is universally compatible with nearly all speakers. Great choice forinternal bi-wiring.
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Rhapsody II

Test in hifi-tunes Serenade speaker cable: Advanced Helical design featuring "CCT" (compressed copper technology) conductors and super foamed polypropylene insulation. Serenade delivers an engaging, full soundstage for true "lifelike" performance. You hear all of the details and inflections of the performance totally unrestricted by this low resistance speaker cable. There is no cable in the industry that can touch Serenade's performance attributes at it's price. IBW [internally bi-wireable cable]
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Virtuoso Helix Speaker Cable combines premium materials into Straight wire's first SYMMETRICAL HELIX DESIGN. This breakthrough development blends the findest aspects of our renowned CCT Helix (positive conductors) with our Symmetrical Coax (negative conductor braid shields). Skim-coating the helical low resistance positive conductors controls electrostatic effects while the microporous PTFE controls electromagnetic effects. The Dual Silver-plated braid shields eliminate external EMI and permit bi-wiring. Virtuoso Helix Speaker Cable is a must for seriuos audio enthusiasts. IBW [internally bi-wireable cable]
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Virtuoso H
Crescendo II Technological breakthrough in speaker cable design and performance. Crescendo II features ultra pure, certified, compressed copper conductors in an advanced helix design. Compressed copper technology (CCT) delivers all of the best characteristics of solid core and stranded wire conductors. This means that Crescendo II is the most transparent cable on the market while transferring all of the sonic information from your source. A truly holographic soundstage that puts you into the performance, an experience previously only dreamt about. Crescendo II is the new standard in reference level cables and will be for years to come. IBW [internally bi-wireable cable]
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Crescendo II
Expressivo, a unique, NEW premium bi-wireable speaker cable. It incorporates Compressed Conductor Technology ( CCT) with 4 positive “air suspended” conductors at 15AWG of OFHC Copper (CDA 101) Multiple low dielectric insulations are employed to optimize mechanical and electrical performance. This low resistance speaker cable utilizes two opposing spiral shields for the negative conductor path(s) and familiar Straight Wire anti-static micro-fiber braid. The cable is custom jacketed with a durable mesh (various color options at no up-charge) rather than the Straight Wire traditional clear jacket. This is to preserve micro-details of the Expressivo unique “air suspension” design.
Expressivo Speaker Cable combines CCT with a modified Symmetrical Helix design similar to the highly acclaimed Virtuoso H speaker cable produced by Straight Wire. CCT designs combine the best attributes of solid-core and stranded conductor technology.
IBW [internally bi-wireable cable]
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