hdmi cables
Swifel HDMI: Straight Wire introduces Swivel HDMI in lengths up to 6 meters (20 ft) featuring precision twisted pair conductors and multi-shields. The cables are ATC and Simplay tested to ensure consistent and reliable Category 2 (High Speed) performance, even when the ends are rotated 90 degrees in either direction.
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ConX HDMI: Our entry level HDMI product greatly exceeds expectations. It is fully 1.3 compatible which means it can handle higher signal speeds (up to 10.2 gps), it can display the new deeper 48 bit color as well as 8 channel audio. ConX HDMI's features 26 gauge conductors and is available in lengths up to 5 meters.
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Select HDMI v1.3: High Definition Multimedia Interface - the new standard in digital video transmission. Sends both audio and video signals in an uncompressed digital format. Our select version features 26 Gauge conductors and is effective up to 5 meters in length. High Speed Rating.
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Super HDMI: Premium version High Definition Multimedia Interface. Available in lengths up to 20 meters (65.6ft) our Super HDMI cables feature silver-plated 24 Gauge conductors and precision internal windings to deliver exceptional digital video performance. High quality shielding minimizes interference errors. High Speed Rating.
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