digital cables
Digital cables have many of the same design requirements as high quality video cables such as accurate impedance with little variation over the relevant frequency range and great shielding to prevent unwanted interference. Issues of minimizing reflections and phase angle are also important for high quality digital cables. The use of premium insulation for high velocity of propagation and minimal absorbtion is mandatory for consistent good performance. Terminations (both the connectors and methods of attachment to various cables) are critical to obtaining favorable results.
BNC = Named for it's inventor, "Bayonet Neil Concelman" the BNC connectors is used extensively with coaxial cables

XLR = The US-standard connector for balanced line signal cables.

Image-Link II 75 OHM digital cable provides upgrade performance over standard digital cables. OFHC stranded copper conductors with dual foil/braid shields andsilver-soldered gold connectors deliver improved data transfer at a reasonable price.
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Silver-Link II cable is used by many electronics industry manufaturers for their digital applications. Heavy silver-plated copper conductors are utilized for consistent data transmission. Dual foil/braid shields and advanced foam polyethylene allow for great EMI noise rejection and minimal reflections. Available with RCA or BNC plugs. A great value.
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Data-Link II digital cable is composed with unique silver/copper conductor groups to maintain signal purity and low jitter for superlative musical reproduction. Microporous Foam PTFE helps control linear constant impedance throughout the digital bandwidth. You'll discover dimention, clarity and instrumental delineation that you might otherwise have missed. Data-Link II can also be used as a reference level video cable.
Available in 75 OHM (SPDIF) - RCA or BNC termination and 110 OHM (AES-EBU) - XLR termination.
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Info-Link digital cable is unsurpassed in its delivery of digital data. Utilizing laboratory grade solid silver conductors with the highest grade of Super Microporous Foam PTFE insulation, no other design approaches Info-Link's captivating musicality. Constant phase angle beyond standard digital requirements and ultra high propogation velocity make this cable quite special.
There is no reference digital transmission without Info-Link. The most demanding videophiles use Info-Link for RGB and Component Video applications.
Available in 75 OHM (SPDIF) - RCA or BNC termination & 110 OHM (AES-EBU) - XLR termination.

TOS-Link Optical transmission offers lower noise but typically, less bandwidth than digital cables. Straight Wire's TOSLINK is a higher quality version of the standard optical connection used for many DVD, Laser Disc and other componentswith optical capability. AVAILABLE IN LONG LENGTHS!
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STX Non-Toslink compatible, AT&T style glass fiber optic cable - STX is available in many lengths.

DVI I contains both the digital and analog connections, (DVI-D + DVI-A), it's essentially a combination of DVI-D and DVI-A cables within one cable. The I is for Integrated meaning a combination of both signals D and A.
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DVI D is a digital only connection. If both devices being connected support a Digital DVI connection (DVI-I or DVI-D compatible) and are compatible in resolutions, refresh rates and sync, using a DVI-D cable will ensure that you are using a digital connection rather than an analog connection, without playing around with settings to assure this.
USB-Link Straight Wire applies all of its knowledge from over 25 years of creating Audiophile cables to this NEW USB 2.0 digital interface. Utilizing Compressed Conductor Technology, a Straight Wire innovation, with a Silver Plated Data path creates a cable with unrivaled transmission accuracy while maintaining signal integrity. Gold Contacts ensure minimal corrosion. (Type A to Type B plugs)
This is the cable you will want to use for your Computer Audio system. Available in 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 meter lengths.
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